Should I Buy Second Hand kites

kitesurfingThere is no denying that kitesurfing is quite affordable for the buzz you get as sports go.

Plus when you have got your kit there is no admission fee, no reserving a slot or awaiting the perfect time – and you are good to go whenever there is wind (and that must be more exciting than Ping Pong correct?!)

However, should you not have a few thousand dollars to spend each springtime on the kite of next year, or not having you does not worry second hand is a brilliant way to go.

In the event you are changed-on you then can get a few of older kites in great condition for equal cost of a brand new version.

The Search

Anytime is a great time – Individuals go and come from kiteboarding at any period of the entire year. Moving, travelling, harms, infants, family obligations, work .. Autumn and spring may be an excellent time, as the men who adore the brand new equipment so are keen to transfer last years kites, and is going to be looking to trade up to the most recent versions. In the event you are understanding and decide on your time it is possible to get top quality kit to get a portion of its own initial cost.

Then consider yourself fortunate in the event you want to learn kitesurfing Phuket – old kites are on a planet that is different compared to that which we have got now. Depower that is adequate is a comparatively recent development: back in ye olden days you only needed to hang on.

Assess on-line reviews on kite to find out whether your style is suited by the kite. Request others, letting them find out about your encounter, location, as well as your riding style. Inquire any kiting partners the things they understand in regards to a particular brand or version. In case you see someone flying one at the local shore ask them how they locate it. Take a look at the newbie kitesurfing newsgroup and require guidance.

Main kites. Many kiting firms have their primary kites which have been in existence for several years: these are usually a safe bet as they are tried and tested designs that are just tweaked a bit annually. Be a Slingshot Fuel, North Rebel, Best Waroo or it a Cabrinha Crossbow, all these are consistently popular versions – and popular for a reason.

Search for the exact same version. Having the identical version of kite makes lots of sense. You learn the best way to get the most out of it and get a sense of a kite. Plus you save yourself a couple more dollars and may use the exact same group of lines and bar. Combining different brands, you may encounter challenges with wind ranges, where they’ve an excessive amount of overlap (or not enough), by way of example.

The Kite

The truth is the fact that you might need to get on trust and wait till you have parted with all the cash even though you should make an effort to take a look at a kite in person prior to purchasing it. A lot of trades are online today. To minimise your potential for being disappointed yet, assess your kite extensively, and you should ask the correct questions ahead just as it arrives. So:


This clear afterward undoubtedly inquire in the event the seller has not made!

Although there is not any way of telling for sure, inquire if there is any ‘crinkle’ in the kite fabric. It might be past its prime, when it’s several years old and has had substantial use.

Kites do get damaged and – if fixed – this should not change how they fly. Be mindful of kites with a great deal of repairs or with significant repairs though (where an entire panel continues to be replaced for example).

Do lines and the bar have the kite? Most kites fly finest with the right bar and lines… Some will just fly together with lines and the bar they are bought with. And kite businesses tweak their bar and line setups year so you actually want the set for this year also.

Lines need replacing if they get tired, and tend not to continue forever.


The material. In the event you have been told the kite’s just had light use but it is possible to see stress or stretch marks, or the material is worn-out then be questionable. Crinkle is that which you are trying to find.

The bladders. Check that atmosphere is held by them. You must depart the kite pumped up for one hour or so, then check they are still rock solid. Additionally check they’re right –

Pigtails. It is always pretty clear just how much use they have had – then the kite’s found some use, if they are worn and extended.

Do the lines look okay? When there is a cleat for the depower subsequently does it appear corroded or worn in any way?

The think that is key would be to understand everything you are trying to find and make sure that the kite ticks those cartons.

Where to appear:

Go no further in relation to the Seabreeze Kitesurfing Purchase & Sell .. A large number of boards and kites accessible, with photographs from Australia broad – the assortment is enormous. “Similar Make” & “Similar Version” functions enable one to instantly compare supplies and costs. We recommend kitesurfing gear for sale.

Am I able to Trust The Seller?

That is totally your decision!

Like any classifieds listing service, we are not able to certify the validity of buyers, or sellers, and print adverts.

Yet there are a few things that you can do in order to make it safer:

– are long have they been enrolled on the website?

– how they a standard in the newsgroups?

– in case you get their contact number in the advert, write it down, as they will likely take the advert offline when you purchase (and hence phone number no longer available)

– in this era of e-mail, it is possible to still use your abilities that are individual to talk to the individual via telephone find out the type of character they’re and to confirm details.

Confirm expectations:

– is the seller/buyer an overseas worker who dissappears -three weeks at a time and does not get his e-mail? Do they just check their email? No point getting all worried about no e-mail response for reasons you might have worked out ahead..

Delivery alternatives:

– Does the seller boats, after which the buyer pay, or the seller boats & the buyer pays on reception? You will have to sort this.

** Remember that Australia Post at will refund you $100 if your bundle is lost by them. i.e. Little consolation for the package that is $1000. A tough lesson to understand.

** PayPal have a number of caveats about “refunds”, so be sure to recognize their policy, as you are more than likely not insured. A tough lesson to understand.

** COD (cash on delivery) is an excellent choice – receiver pays upon reception of products. Maybe require a down payment, as we have learned of some folks rejecting no sale, and delivery, meaning the entire gigabyte prices you!

Australia Post is a service that is huge. In our expertise of transport goods for 3 years via this website, things are seldom lost by them, but nevertheless, it can & does occur – be ready for it, and prepare yourself to get a 2-3 week delay whilst they inquire.

Insurance for $15 seems not cheap although you are standing in the counter, but may be worth it should it go wrong. Inquire and find out what it covers you for that which you are sending.

Doing interstate deals actually does come down to you trusting taking the threat so, getting as many pictures as feasible talking with all the seller.

Many have had success, and just a smattering never have turned out nicely with goods. (This isn’t any promise from us, only our opinions given the complete lack of e-mails we have received about any sour deals!)